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About Us

Hey, I’m Jeff Collins, a trained HVAC professional and author of

I have been working and providing plumbing services to my customers in North Dakota for over 10 years now. Mostly I have dealt with water heaters. Installing, sizing, and advising, I have done it all. 

I created this blog,, in September of 2021 with the aim of sharing all the knowledge I have about water heaters with people that need them. With this blog, I’m not planning to make you a professional plumber. That’s for trade school. But rather to help you solve your personal household issues with water heating. 

What kind of information and articles you can expect here? 

Well, I mostly write about troubleshooting guides, water heater fixing solutions, and water heater recommendations.

If you have any issue with the site or want to contact us for anything then please visit my contact us page